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AAK - Acta academica karviniensia

číslo 2016/1
[Role kvality v podnikovém řízení]
1212-415X (Print)
2533-7610 (Online)
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Volume [Ročník]:
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Authors [Autoři]:
Zdeněk Hruška, Marcela Ježková, Jana Hinke
Abstract [Abstrakt]:
The paper describes the current issue of the quality management in the corporate sector. The focus is placed on medium and large companies, because these companies lead to the creation of the post of the quality managers. The quality should be incorporated in the corporate strategy. These companies should successfully manage the quality of their products, services, business processes and other aspects of the quality. It requires the monitoring and the analyzing the cost of the quality. Attention should be paid to the quality because of its direct impact on the customer loyalty. The quality control can be based on 8 quality management principles whose respect greatly contributes to the increasing the efficiency of company operations. The paper contains results of the research in 60 mainly large companies. This research revealed that the most prominent problem of the quality control is the fluctuacion of employee and insufficient the record keeping of the quality cost
Keywords [Klíčová slova]:
cost of quality, effectiveness, fluctuation, principles of quality management, quality
JEL classification [JEL klasifikace]:
M11, M21
Page range [Rozpětí stran]:
44 - 56
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