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AAK - Acta academica karviniensia

číslo 2017/2
[Výsledky pilotního šetření strategického marketingového řízení na úrovni středních škol]
1212-415X (Print)
2533-7610 (Online)
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Martina Colledani
Abstract [Abstrakt]:
The article focuses on strategic marketing management in high schools and generalizes the results of previous investigations. Strategic management focuses primarily on long-term planning organization, which is a long-planned process that leads to the goal defined by the organization. The competitive environment is considered the main factor formulating the vision, mission and strategic goals of the organization. This deliberate and purposeful activity, led by the organization's competitive environment, possesses a much greater chance of survival, but also for success. Unfortunately, in the Czech Republic high school system is not a competitive environment and it is not ready to face competition at all. The situation is different at colleges that already understand that a student must "fight" as well as the company's customers and clients. Sophisticated school concept should be fundamentally similar to one of each company. The aim of the article is to present the results of a pilot research focused on strategic marketing management in high schools and to generalize the results of previous investigations. The theoretical part deals with strategic marketing management at the high school level. Respondent sample includes 34 secondary schools in the region Novy Jicin and Frydek-Mistek. Primary research was conducted via questionnaire and interview with the record. Research shows that schools have a clue about what the strategic management, marketing mix or plan are, but in most cases they do not know how to do it. Their reactions are mostly intuitive. When creating the end, the school decisions are not even based on the simplest SWOT analysis. When creating a strategy for the development of school in most cases they focused mainly on the internal environment of the school, not on the target markets and marketing mix.
Keywords [Klíčová slova]:
advertising, communication mix, direct marketing, modern forms of marketing communication, nonprofit organization, sales promotion
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5 - 16
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